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>> he u.s. team will receive the medal during a ceremony auugst 11..3 now here is ennifer gilbert with the "late edition". >> relief from the heat wave on the way. >> hard to breathe. >> who is suffering the most. and when the cold front will finally move through. >> swapping spice. unusuaa deal the obama administration is working oot with russii. >> demonstrating the danger. how pedeetrraas quickly become victims aad why it is such a big problem in baltimore. >> that's it. game over. >> and dead oysters in the gulf. is killing them. >> live in high definition, froo wbff tv in baltimore, this is >> hello again, iiam jennifer gilbert, jeff barnd is offf3 tonight. another scorcher of a day in baltimore. the temperaturrs did not hit triple digits today.3 -ut with a boost in humidity, it felt awful outside. so far, eight people have died in maryllnd from this summer's extreme heat. ú%e latest ictim was pulled from baltimore home thii week, where the temperature was more than 90 degrees inside of th house. many people in balttmore are living without airrconditioning. and relying on
. >> it is really great day for me. you know, being a u.s. citizen. >> it means a lot to me today. great day of my life. >> almost 700,000 people become naturalized u.s. citizens each and every year in this country. >> you need to know tonight about a recall on the lacrosse gloves. logo on the gloves contains high levels of lead. they are the brine bip gloves made in vietnam and sold from july of last year until une of this yearr company is offering replacements or a refund. for more information on the recall, go to foxbaatimore.com/news links. >> google this. seems students trust internet search engines so much it almost does not matter what results come back. northwestern universsty doctors studied more than 100 freshmen, and found that most students clicked on the first seerch result, no matter what it was. some clicks on it because it was the first result. just 10 percent of the students talked about the credentials of the website, they went to. >> new research shows tonight comcast is the fastest internet service provider in the u.s. that's not saying too much. however when compared to other
. >>>authorities in cypress searching for a man funneling money to spy cells ii the u.s. this van is hours after a judge in cypress freed him onnbail tuesdayy on wednesday, he failed to show up for a required meeting with police. his attorney claims he has not heard from him. >> after the court (inaudible). >> this office wasssupposed to ha a meeting with him yesterday afternoon. he did not show up. so we don't have any connact with him. >> cops are now checking surveillance from crossingú points. the break away north of the island. and searching airports and marinas and posting the phhto in efforts of finding him. >> actually, we don't haveeaa indication that he abandoned the island. ww are still in the process to identify if he remains, or left from cypress territory. but to be honest, we're in the process, especially we focus our efforts, mainly to the points and the points o occupied area. >> investigators in the u.s. are making headway in theecase. discoveeing $10,000 in new $100 bills in new jersey safety deposit box belonging tootwo of the suspects..3 russian authorities claim they ha
purse were takennafter she was struck. dandrige remains in the hospital this evening. >> u.s. arine set to return to afghanistan is gunnedddown inside of a baltimore city nightclub. myranda stephens is live downtown with why a night of celebration, turned into tragedy. hello myranda stephens? >> hi kaaen. here outside of the queenns hookah bar near theearea commonly known as the block. it remains closed tonight, afte3 a early morning shooting, left a u.s. marine dead. police say 26-year-old ccase love of new orleans was inside of the after hours lounge with fellow marines, celebrating their redeployment too3 but around 3:15 this morning, police say love got in a fight and was shot in the chest. >> we need people to get outraged. this is a war veteran. someone reeurning to afghanistan for a second tour of duty to serve the country. aad gunned down for no gooo reason at all. >> it is so sad. he had to die here. %-and he dies.ave good time. >> now, police arr talking to witnesses, but so far, have not ú%med any suspects, or a clear motive. we're live in downtown baltimore myranda stephe
. the doccments reveal abuses by u.s. and coalition forces and perhaps even war crimes. %-populations being upset thee should treat them better. not conceal abuse. >> senior military official is calling the documents a mix of rumor and second hand information. they detail a variety of assessments by lower level military officers about incidents over the last six years involving friendly fire, civilian casualties and officials from pakistan, a u.s. ally cooperating with taliban extremists. >> it was not necessary to have this out there. more than what we didn't already know. thhre is tension between the u.s. and pakistan. >> officials from the white house to the pentagon are could put lives at-risk. but ii a written statement general james jones said quote these irresponsible leaks will not impact our ongoing commitment to deepen our partnerships with afghanistan ann pakistan, to defeat our common enemies and to support the aspirations of the afghan and pakistani people. >> afghan government offfcials are studying the papers, especially about civilian casualties and pakistani intelligence. governm
disorders. thee come from starbucks, target and atms. >> boardwalk is named one of the 10 bess u.s. boardwalks by a popuuar travel website. the list was compiled by sherman's travel. a site focusing on trip ideas. the 2 and a half mile stretch is full of restaurants, shops, amuseeent, night life and hotel3 >> another hot day. great time to be at the beach. with weather like thii. chief meteorologist ytas reid is here to tell us what that weekend forecast is starting to look like. >> yeah, it looks good actually. you mentioned ocean city..3 %-decent weekend. but talk about what is happening right now. nice day out there today. plenty offsunshine. comfortable temperatures in the mid to upper 80s it looks like dry conditions right now on the radar. bbcause of high pressure, nearby. looking at 80 downtownú baltimore. 70s out lying areas. and ww will continne to see those temperatures inch up a bit tomorrow. starting at 75. some sun and clouds by the afternoon. 89 around lunch time. but see low 90ss more humidity back in play. and then also a chance of isolatee shower or thunnerstorm.
hospitals in the country. u.s. news and world report ranked the hospital innthe top five in 15 out of 16 categories. and this is the 20th year in a row hopkins has chieved top honors. >> well a und is set up to payú for the mmny surgeries a howard county teenaggr is undergoing. after being baaly hurt in a terrorist bomb blast in ggndan. emily kerstetter in ugandan with a mission group when the bomb went off. she had one surgery on er leg3 and will v at least, two more. if you would like to help, you can make checks payable to eeil3 columbia bank, he brc plaza office. luther vil, 21093. >> another heat waveehas begun. and chieffmeteorologist vytas reid is here with a look at the ú%y watch forecast. here we go again vytas. >> temperatures will continue to climb through the day tomorrow. again. kicking off the weekeed. seeing the hot temperatures. and it s just in time for the weekend. if you have a pool. jump in and tryyto cool offf looksslike theetemperatures right now 84 degrees in baltimore. 82 in hagerstown. 75 in salissuryy cooler. but hot aar building in frrm the soutt. high t
for themselves, with no upfronnú >>the navy is making plans to move the u.s. ns comfort too3 virginia..3 large navv medical ship docks in baltimore currently. navy spent $5 milllon to upgrade the comforrs's pier in the harbor to stay thereeanother 20 -ears. but billons of dollars have been >> new test results show students in baltimore city public schools are making some progress. the maryland state assessment exam showed twice as mmny students are meeting and exceeding expectattons compared 72 percent of students are proficienn in reading on par with last year. and 66 percent were proficient in math up from last year. >> the liieup for virgin mobile dc concert booked. ccncert is set for septeeber 25. at mary weatter post pavilion, in columbia. tickees bought online or by phooe on saturday..3 >> wireless broadband etwork set to launch next year offering more options in the serviie. light squurrd. and will start in the second half of 2011 in las vegas, phoeeix, denver, and baltimore. company aims to cover 92 percent of tte population by 2015. >> first lady michele ooaaa in -he city of baltimor
. i will ee you tomorrow night. real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning
of both u.s. ú%ek in afghhnistan were found. the associated press reports afghan police spotted one petty officer's body still clothed in thh other sailor wassfound on sunday. the pair were first reported missing friday. the taliban is claiming responsibility. >> tonight rumorr are spreading that haitian born musician john is consideringgrunning for president of haiti. locals in haiti and canadian newspaper report said he is preparing paperwork for a bid in ú%h november election. musician and producer grew up in the state of new jersey and founder of the yellow haiti charity why cliff has not confirmed or denied the reports. >> would you run for president >> if i was president -- >> would you partly sunny. >> you know they have asked you before. >> they have asked me ooer again. currentty, at this minute. no. >> haitian politics is quitee3 strange..3 if -- he is popular and things go well as far as the elections are concerned, the chances are, yes, he could win. >> a spokesman for the musician said that there will likely be an announcemmnt this time monday. if he won that job. >> without
. real time closed captioninn provided by u.s. captiooing
in for fox 45 news morning news at 5:00 %-have a great nighh. real time closed captioning provided by u.s. capon
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Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)

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